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About Go Tenant

Go Tenant is a property management software, which saves you time and hassle in your rental and tenant management business as a landlord. 

You will find everything you need in our cutting edge and easy-to-use system
from keeping all your financial and rental documents in check to proper tenant management and attraction and so much more.

Even when you are on the go, you will know that you are in control.


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Built by landlords
for landlords

Rick Gannon was one of the first people to explore systemising his property business. With over 150 rooms across the UK, he was fed up with emails, spread sheets, paperwork and admin so started to build his own process.

A chance meeting with fellow landlords Ian and Sue Etchells, saw this idea evolve. As directors of their own software business, PSP UK Group, they knew Rick’s process had huge potential. So, a system was designed based around a best practice process that takes landlords on a journey from viewing through to checkout. And so the idea for Go Tenant was born!

Our mission 

We are continuously dedicated to providing you with the solutions you need for your landlord business.
If you are tired of the hassle of tenant management Go Tenant is here to help you out in your journey.

With features like automated rent payments, communication tools and time-saving documentation, you will be managing your tenants in no time. Plus, our intuitive dashboard gives you full transparency and control over your property.

Our goal has always been to make property management faster, easier, convenient and enjoyable experience for both tenants and landlords.

Leasing a Home
Appartement building

Core values


High Quality



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