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How To Chase Tenants For Their Rent

Updated: Mar 10

chasing tenants for rent

As a property owner, one of the keys to success is collecting rent on time and in full. But this can be a difficult task when tenants don't pay on time or at all. Fortunately, there are steps landlords can take to make collecting rent easier and more effective. By implementing the right strategies and using the right tools, it's possible to ensure that you get paid on time every month.

Being organised and keeping track of your rent income is critical in order to successfully manage your rental properties. Make sure you are aware of which tenants owe you how much and when the payments are due. This will help you stay on top of collecting your rent, so that you don't miss out on money that is owed to you or mistakenly chase tenants for payments they have already made.

Managing rent payments can be a daunting task, but using a property management system such as GoTenant makes it easier. This system allows landlords to easily monitor and track rent payments, send out payment reminders, and integrate with Xero accounting software. Plus, it helps landlords stay organised and compliant with the law. It also provides complete visibility into tenant statements so that you always know exactly who has paid and who is behind on rent.

When it comes to collecting rent, prompt and effective communication is key. Don't turn a blind eye to the issue or hope it will go away; reach out to the tenant and try to find out the reason for their late payment. It might be that they need more time due to financial difficulties, or it could be because they don't have the funds at all. Always make sure to keep an open line of communication with your tenants when dealing with late rent.

Rent is an important part of your rental agreement, and both landlord and tenant must take it seriously. When communicating with tenants about rent payments, it's important to be clear and firm, while also being understanding of their situation. If a tenant has failed to pay their rent on time for a prolonged period of time, eviction may become necessary in order to protect the business. Therefore, it is important that any legal procedures are taken correctly and legally in order to avoid any further issues.

Establishing clear guidelines for rent payments is essential for a successful landlord-tenant relationship. Scheduling a standing order form with the tenant so that payments are made automatically each month reduces the potential for late payments or nonpayment, while also streamlining the collection process. You could take a standing order form with you when checking in the tenant, they complete their details and you send this off to their bank on their behalf. This way you know it’s been done! Outlining any late fees in the contract agreement sets expectations early on and helps to ensure all parties understand their financial obligations.

chase tenants rent

However, even with the best intentions and expectations, there may be times when tenants fall behind on rent. In these cases, it's important to act quickly and consistently in chasing up late payments. Waiting too long or being lenient with one tenant can set a precedent for others to follow.

If a tenant that typically pays their rent on time suddenly falls behind, they may be going through a financial hardship, and it is important to approach the situation with sympathy and understanding. Potential solutions can include coming up with a payment plan or other forms of assistance to help the tenant out.

In any case, it's important to communicate with tenants in a way that they are most likely to respond to. This means finding out their preferred method of communication, whether it's email, text, phone call, or WhatsApp. If they have 3,689 unread emails, another one from you is not likely to get a response, but a text or call might. Sometimes you may have to resort to sending them a physical letter and either post it first class or slide it under their door or in their postbox. This way you know they will see and (hopefully) read it.

Your letter should outline that their account is in arrears and they should pay immediately to avoid any late payment charges which may be outlined in your rental agreement.

Chasing tenants for rent can be a delicate task, but by setting clear expectations, acting quickly and consistently, and communicating in a way that the tenants prefer, landlords and property managers can help ensure that rent is paid on time and maintain a positive relationship with their tenants.

Remember that prevention is key. By setting clear expectations from the beginning and using a property management system, you can help ensure that your tenants pay on time, and you avoid the hassle of chasing them for rent. But if you do have to chase them for the rent, having a system in place also allows you to send them messages through the software, and keep an audit trail of any messages that have been sent.

It’s important to keep a keen eye on rent collection, and there are several ways to do so. Staying organised, communicating effectively with tenants, and using a property management system are some of the best strategies. Taking advantage of these key tactics can help ensure that you receive payments in a timely fashion and avoid any potential legal issues further down the road.

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